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Few people are interested in showing their Westie puppies, so why should folks consider buying from a show home, incurring the higher initial cost of these puppies?  Westies are normally healthy, sturdy, active dogs that, when provided proper nutrition, exercise and routine veterinary care, will live a long life of 12-15 years.  Your new baby will be a part of your family for a very long time.  Please read this article:  I Don't Want A Show Dog; I  Just Want a Pet.

Like all breeds and non-purebred dogs, Westies can be subject to genetic issues that can  cause problems.  The West Highland White Terrier Club of America recommends that all Westies being considered for breeding have an eye examination by a board certified ACVO Ophthalmologist for inheritable eye diseases and  be tested for hip dysplasia and patellar luxation.  If you are considering buying a Westie puppy, we strongly recommend that you verify that both parents have passed the recommended tests and, if they have not, ask your breeder why they are not testing the parents before breeding them.

To reach of our goal of producing only the best puppies, our breeding stock is health tested, in addition to being outstanding representatives of the breed - both in looks and temperament.

Whether you would like to show your Westie puppy, compete in Performance Events or have a couch potato to love, parental testing is the best way possible to provide many happy, healthy years for that puppy.

Puppies are occasionally available to loving families who will provide the best placement for our babies.